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    About Us

    Possability Community Homes is a not-for-profit housing corporation that was founded in November 2009 by Barb & Tim Gjos. PossAbility Community homes became a Canadian Registered Charity in October 2011.

    PossAbility Community Homes has been established to provide quality, affordable and accessible housing in rural areas that people with a disability can call "home," as home is a place created by an individual with support from their family and friends.

    Mission Statement Goals

    • To Provide affordable, appropriate and accessible rural residential housing to persons with disabilities primarily of low or modest income including individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders.
    • To educate the public and encourage and foster community involvement for individuals with a disability by organizing and coordinating public workshops and meetings about issues affecting persons with disabilities offered free or at a reasonable cost to help fund the organization's charitable programs.

    Unit Available!

    We will have one unit available as of August 1, 2018. If you're interested in applying please download our application form HERE or pick one up from Community Living Algoma or at the Johnson Township Office.

    The team standing in front of the new home.


    Board of Directors

    Barb Gjos


    Barb Gjos is the founder and President of PossAbility community Homes. She is a Communications Consultant & Owner of Natural Abilities with over 10 years professional experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities. Barb is also a parent of a young man with autism and was president of the Sault Ste. Marie Chapter of Autism Ontario for 10 years. She is a life-long member of Autism Ontario and member of Community Living Algoma.

    Barb is the team leader and active participant on this poroject. She will volunteer an integral part of the planning, development and operational process. Her expertise and knowledge of the individuals that will be residing in the housing complex will be invaluable. Also, Barb's knowledge and experience in property management from her years spent working for Bell Canada will assist her in managing ongoing operations of the housing complex.

    Randy Spurway

    Vice President

    (November 16th, 2009)

    Randy Spurway was appointed as Vice President on May 13, 2014. He is also the chair of the "Extreme Build" Project Committee. He brings valuable expertise from his position as Road Superintendent for Johnson Township.

    Valerie Uchmanowicz


    (March 22nd, 2011)

    Val Uchmanowicz is retired from Sault College, in Sault Ste. Marie, and holds the position of secretary and records all facts and minutes of all proceedings n the books kept for that purpose. Val is also the chair of the Tenant Guidelines & Selection Committee.

    Bradley McCaig


    (April 17th, 2011)

    Brad McCaig, logistics Coordinator, Flakeboard Company Limited, is a member at large and a member of the "Extreme Build" Project Committee. Brad is responsible for hte coordination of the voolunteer workforce and will assist Rod Jarrett, Project Supervisor, with the overall project schedule.

    Diane Reid


    Diane Reid has been a teacher for 12 years with the Algoma District School Board. Six of those years have been focused on special education. Diane and her husband have been supporting PCH from the moment they first heard about the mission. She is very excited to have the chance to be a more active participant in PCH.

    Past BOD Members

    Adam Chevis, Treasurer
    Tanna Elliot
    Stephen Gjos
    Joanne Springer
    Marcy Bell, Secretary
    Gene Jones, Vice President
    Sophie Phillips

    Board of Advisors

    PossAbility Community Homes also has a Board of Advisors that work together with the Board of Directors on specific projects and tasks that PossAbility Community Homes undertakes.

    • Tim Gjos - Tim Gjos Carpentry, "Extreme Build" Project Committee.
    • Ron Spurway - Ron Spurway Contracting, "Extreme Build" Project Committee.
    • Tiffany Fleming - HR at Sault Area Hospital, Tenant Selection Committee.
    • Rhonda Miskiw - Community Living Algoma, Tenant Selection Committee.
    • Rod Jarrett - Rod Jarrett Construction, Project Supervisor and member of the "Extreme Build" Project Committee.
    • Sandi Wheeler - Chair, Fundraising & Marketing Committee.
    • Shaylan Spurway - Fundraising & Marketing Committee.